Swamp Tree

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Swamp Tree

Wood: Unknown Variety of Florida Pine
Dimensions: Measures 3 3/4 inches wide and stands 4 3/4 inches tall
Finish: Clear Wax
For Indoor Use Only


This is pine that was submerged in a lake for some unknown amount of time. When it came out of the lake, eww doggie did it smell of swamp water.

Over time soaking in the, presumably, mineral rich water stained the wood green. As I turned it I could see the orange pine color but once the wood sat overnight it was green again and green it stayed. Happily the sweet smell of the swamp did not.

The concentric circles and odd green color make this the cutest tree ever. It sits atop its own base and has a tiny trunk. There are knots, dips, cracks and color spots sprinkled liberally over the whole thing. I

t's just the cutest little tree ever. Did I say that already?