Squirrels Stole the Pecans and Now We Have a Box

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Squirrels Stole the Pecans and Now We Have a Box

Wood: Pecan
Dimensions: Measures 8 inches tall by almost 8 inches wide
Finish: Shellac

Way back in the 1970's my dad planted pecan trees and a great war ensued between him and the squirrels over who was going to eat the pecans. The furry little thieves won the war. Fast forward to Hurricane Irma and she flattened the trees forever ending the Great Squirrel War of the Back Yard.

Interestingly, this pecan is not characteristic of pecan trees. The wood is more mealy and has a different variation of color than is typical. Woo hoo! I love it when things are unusual.

I am particularly fond of this box and I am of the opinion that it would look good in a formal setting, but that's just me. It has such a wide variation of colors it would look equally good in dark or light backgrounds. I can even see it as the centerpiece on a dining room table or on a side table holding grandpa's pipe tobacco. After all these years someone certainly ought to let Prince Albert out of that can.

True confession time.
When I turned the lid there was not enough wood to make a knob. I used part of the leg from a chair to make that tall knob thing on top of the lid.