Rustic Drunken Bowl

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Rustic Drunken Bowl

Wood: Spalted Wood of Unknown Variety
Dimensions: Measures 6 inches wide and stands 4 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only

I call this piece "drunken" because of the way I applied the finish. The vessel soaked in a bucket of Danish Oil for about a week. During that time the finish soaked deep into the fibers of the wood. Wood that has soaked ends up with different colors and texture than wood that has had the finish applied only to the top. The effect is slightly translucent and the colors are rich. After all that soaking it takes at least another week, sometimes as much as a month, for the piece to dry.

This particuar wood came to me as a result of Hurricane Irma. I don't know what kind of wood it is, possibly Kapok, but I can tell you it was mealy like a red delicious apple (which by the way are beautiful, but not delicious). Because it was so soft and mealy the wood was difficult to work with. On the up side it soaked up the Danish oil like a legionnaire at a desert lagoon, which makes the smooth outside the most striking part of the vessel. Notice it does have natural divots and holes.

This is a great bowl for holding collections of stuff like rocks and shells, for chucking your keys into, or for filling with seasonal greenery. The succulents shown in the last photo (not included) came from the dollar store. Makes a nice little arrangement, eh?