Red Dot Norfolk Pine

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Red Dot Norfolk Pine

Wood: Norfolk Pine
Dimensions: Measures 7 1/4 inches at the widest point and stands 6 1/4 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food


Hurricane Irma knocked down this Norfolk Pine tree. Whoever had the tree cut it into manageable sized logs and piled them neatly at the curb for trash pick up. As luck would have it I drove past that lovely pile of logs before the trash guys got there.

The red knots are where the horizontal branche grew. On this bowl the knots can be seen all the way around and on the inside as well.

This is a substantial, heavy and versitle bowl. It's character makes it ideal as a stand alone piece. It's wide range of colors allow it to blend nicely with existing decor. It's deep enough to hide small to medium sized items (my big wad of keys fits in there nicely) or display a collection such as rocks, shells or other treasures. It's just a great all around bowl.