Plywood Wobble Bowl

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Plywood Wobble Bowl

Wood: High Grade Plywood
Dimensions: Measures 5 3/4 inches wide and stands 5 inches tall
Finish: Shellac
For Indoor Use Only; Not For Use With Food

Remember Weeples?
Weeples wobble but they dont' fall down.
Wobble bowls are like weeples. The bottom is rounded and almost comes to a point so the bowl will wobble around but it won't dump it's contense and it won't turn over.

Wobble bowls are fun because people flinch when they touch the bowl and it moves. I'm not saying that I derive pleasure from seeing other people experience anxiety, but it is funny to see someone make a face when the bowl moves.

This particular wobble bowl was made from high grade plywood cutoffs. I found the pieces in my dad's garage. I think they were left over from some cabinets we built for my kitchen.

This wobble bowl is deep enough to hold 2 man-sized fistfulls of stuff and some car keys, too. The plywood gives it an informal feel that would fit nicely with any style of casual decor.

Want to have some fun with guest to your home? Get a wobble bowl.