Peek-A-Blue Bowl

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Peek-A-Blue Bowl

Wood: Spalted Maple
Dimensions: Measures approx 6 inches across at the widest point by 3 1/4 inches tall
Finish: Walnut Oil
For Indoor Use Only

My folks took a short road trip and brought some maple home to me. It seems someone cut down a dead tree & piled the logs out at the road. Dad asked if he was welcome to rescue some and voila! This bowl was born. My family is well trained in wood rescue procedures.

I call this the 'Peek-A-Blue' Bowl because it has a few tiny horizontal streaks of blue resin where the wood cracked. It also has a handsome inclusion on the front where the bark grew inward and the back shows a small portion of the original edge of the tree. Lots of character here.

Because of its spalted coloring this bowl would look good with either light or dark accessories. The grain is prominently featured from almost every angle, making it perfect as a focal piece. It is also deep enough to be useful for storing or displaying small items.