Orange Blossom Twig Vase

Orange Blossom Twig Vase

Wood: Citrus Wood
Dimensions: Measures 4 inches wide and stands 8 inches tall
Finish: Clear Acrylic
For Indoor Use Only


At one time South Florida was covered with orange groves. In fact, if you drive the back roads there are still a substantial amount of groves. It is not uncommon to find the odd citrus tree planted here and there among older homes. Many of those trees are nearing the end of their natural life span and I am often lucky enough to resuce bits and pieces of those trees.

The vase does not hold water but is perfect for twigs, silk flowers, feathers and other creative items. The opening is narrow so as to hold your twigs upright. In addition, it is only approximately 6 inches deep; just deep enough to hold twigs or what have you securely but not so deep they get lost inside the vase.

There are 3 similar citrus vases currently for sale, as shown in the last photo. Each has its own character even though I made them from the same limb. THey are shown with the poplar bowl.

Often citrus wood is spalted and usually has cracks. This particular vase has a small amount of spalting and some natural cracking. I typically hold pieces like this for 6 months to make sure the wood is finished moving.

Since there are natural cracks in this vase I feel compelled to mention that wood is like our skin; it is affected by forces such as humidity and altitude. In a humid climate like Florida the cracks in this vase are minimal. If it were to be taken to a dry climate the cracks could open up more. If it were taken to a tropical environment the wood would probably swell a tiny bit and close up those cracks.