Oh So Popular Scrap Bucket Bowl

Oh So Popular Scrap Bucket Bowl

White Stripped Bowl
Wood: Pine
Dimensions: 4 3/4 " wide by 3" tall
Finish: Clear Top Coat

I really do have a bucket of wood scraps. Actually, if we're being honest, I have several. No scrap wood is left behind and these bowls were scraps.

This is a heavy little bowl with thick walls that taper to narrow bottom. The narrow bottom shows off the layers of black veneer. I confess, it isn't really veneer. I found a shelving unit that was coming a part so I peeled off layers of beautiful, thinkly sliced wood. I stained them black -- like soaked them in stain for days so the color would penetrate the entire thickness of the veneer.

This bowl can easily hold small items for display or utilitarian (chuck your keys in there, they'll be fine). It would definitely look best against a dark background so the 'veeneer' stripes stand out.