Cypress See-Thru Bowl Succulent Garden

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Cypress See-Thru Bowl Succulent Garden

Wood: Cypress
Dimensions: Bowl measures 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide
Plant Height: Approximately 6 inclhes tall
Finish: Butcher Block Oil


The cypress that became this bowl was from a fallen tree that was passed from one person to another until it came to me. Word gets around that I rescue wood so it's not uncommon for people to collect bits of old furniture, left over lumber, tree limbs and fallen trees for me.

I call this the "See-Thru" bowl because of the voids in the wood. They can be clearly seen in the last photo.

The bowl is "planted" with artificial succlents, secured in floral foam. The foam is topped with moss and and the whole thing can be removed from the bowl.