Cedar Mid Century Modern Vase

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Cedar Mid Century Modern Vase

Wood: Cedar
Dimensions: 12 ¾ inches tall by almost 4 inches at the widest point
Wood: Cedar
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only

I made this vase by gluing together 5 pieces of cedar. It's cedar that previously lined the walls of a beach house in Pinellas County Florida. (Yes this may sound familiar, I did get redwood from the same house.) The side of the boards that faced out were painted a color I can only describe as 'aged'. My guess is it was originally a pale shade of cream. Regardless, it was a joy to push the boards through the planer and see that aged pain disappear.

After passing repeatedly through the planer the boards emerged with beautiful swirls, knots and colors. Since the vase is made of many boards instead of one block, the variety of grain patterns and color variations show off nicely from any direction. A very small line of the original paint still shows on one side. I circled it in one of the photos.

The vase does not hold water but is perfect for twigs, silk flowers, feathers and other creative items. In keeping with the Mid Century Modern style the neck of the vase narrows dramatically allowing for a narrow opening as well. The vase only accommodates a few sticks, feathers or a single silk stem. In addition, it does not hold water. Again in keeping with the Mid Century Modern style, none of those are necessary and almost detract from the beauty of the wood.