Bottle Brush Bowl with Mica Inlay

Bottle Brush Bowl with Mica Inlay

Wood: Bottle Brush
Dimensions: Measures 6 1/2 inches wide and stands 4 1/2 inches tall
Finish: Danish Oil
For Indoor Use Only


Hurricanes frighten me. I've lived in Florida all my life so you'd think I'd be used to hurricane season, but the fact is I'd rather deal with palmetto bugs than hurricanes.

HOWEVER, hurricanes are good to me in terms of wood for turning. After Hurricane Irma the Bottle Brush trees along the Treasure Island Causeway were removed. Bottle Brush is interesting wood. It has lots of pits and cracks. The grain has distinctive patterns and it is a rich, dark maroon/pink color.

This bowl has several special features. The live edge top dips down on one side and shows the pattern created by the bark. The same side has a small indent from a chainsaw. See picture #4. Some of the cracks were large enough for me to fill with mica. Picture #2 shows this nicely. However, the best part of this bowl is the inside bottom. Take a look at picture #3 It has beautiful shapes in there.

The very last picture shows the bowl sitting on my workbench. I think it's true color and charater is best represented in that photo.

Wood is like our skin; it is affected by forces such as humidity and altitude. In a humid climate like Florida the cracks in this bowl are minimal. If it were to be taken to a dry climate the cracks could open more. If it were taken to a tropical environment the wood would probably swell a tiny bit and close up those cracks.